Benefit from higher productivity levels and customer retention or (conversion) with our omnichannel help desk software. The price / value ratio is unmatched. With over 180 help desk functions and over 40 integrations, our software is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Simplify all communication channels and manage them from a single shared corporate mailbox. Enjoy social media integrations, unlimited ticket browsing history, call recordings, hybrid ticket flows, and other productivity tools


The help desk software that will win over your customers

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Live Chat & Ticketing

Chat live with your customers

Support your customers with Live Agent's Live Chat service. Track where your customers contact you from.

A simple and complete customer assistance and ticketing service

CRM Cloud Call Center

Manage calls with your customers

Maintain telephone contact with your customers. Thanks to the complete LiveAgent customer service platform, you have a real contact center at your disposal. You will have everything under control with ease

Social Media

Connect your social networks

Connect your Social Media to the Live Agent customer care platform. All the contacts that you will receive from your social networks will be managed by the Live Agent customer care platform.
A complete and simple platform.

Common reasons why businesses are switching
to help desk software

Is your business having the same problems as most of our customers who have switched to our LiveAgent help desk software?


Lost emails in Outlook

Connect your email to the portal

Did your colleague forget to reply to an important email?
Stop depending on individuals and switch to a shared inbox.

Late responses to customers

Reply to your customers

Are you missing important deadlines and losing track of priorities in your inbox?
Set SLAs for high priority emails.

Impossible collaboration between emails

Don't miss communications

Is your colleague on vacation and you need to take responsibility?
A universal business mailbox is the way to go.
Improve management.

No feedback on team performance

Analyze and check progress

Are you aware of what is happening in your team's communication?
Analyze all the answers flowing in your company in one place.



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