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Linksys Firewall | Kaspersky Cloud Antivirus

Don't leave your network security to chance. With our combined hardware and software solutions you can be sure that you are protected from the inconveniences that often occur on the net.

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LINKSYS Firewall AND VPN Router

Linksys Shield Protection

We implement the security of your telematic network using LINKSYS hardware firewalls, a prestigious brand and market leader in the field of security and connectivity. LINKSYS firewalls are easy to manage and provide on board a series of services that are usually typical of much more expensive systems. Already with a basic firewall you will have features such as 50 IPSec tunnels, 5 OPENVPN tunnels, web filtering and much more.

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KASPERSKY Antivirus and Antispam

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The easiest way to protect your business without sacrificing IT resources, time or money.
Thanks to cloud hosting, no hardware and software resources, no provisioning and maintenance are required.
Instant protection with predefined protection policies developed by our experts.
Protect Windows desktops, laptops and file servers, macOS workstations, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
You can also secure and manage mobile devices for free (two devices per user) for more effective protection of users working remotely.



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