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VoIP telephone switchboard in the cloud

Cloud PBX telephone exchanges

Yeastar is now recognized as one of the leading brands in the world for Voice Over IP telecommunications. Thanks to the redundant servers, we create your cloud PBX complete with all the features.
TelcaVoIP International is a certified YEASTAR partner

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With the LINKUS mobile app available for both android and ios, managing mobile telecommunications in your office and company will no longer be a problem. Everything will be just a click away on your LINKUS app; display of free-busy extensions, voice mail notifications, messaging.
Practicality, safety, savings with LINKUS.


With our cloud VoIP PBX solution you will have all the functions of an advanced PBX. Multilingual system messages, voice mail on each extension, audio call recording, multilevel IVR, event mail notifications, calendar and multiple customizable time slots.


VoIP Trunk

VoIP Telephone Traffic

HQ Voice

If only the cost of the calls is important to you without considering the quality of the calls, we are probably not the right partners for your needs! For us, the top priority is to provide customers with an uncompromising VoIP experience. We offer voip traffic exclusively with HQ audio quality at the right price. We believe that a company's first business card is how the company presents itself on the phone.

Value added

Our VoIP accounts are all value added. This means that within your account you will find advanced features for a complete and dynamic management of your telecommunications.
Some features at your disposal are the changeable calling CLI, possibility to create your own customized VoIP Mobile APP. All calls are charged per effective second of conversation with no connection fee.

Sub account management

Does your company need to break down telephone spending by various office or employee sectors? No problem. within your VoIP account you can create customized sub-accounts for the various areas of your company, or names for each employee. From your main account you can monitor the traffic of each sub-account, manage its use or block it with a simple click. Each sub account can have its own outgoing CLI.


VoIP Telephone Numbers

International VoIP telephone numbers of each Country and Nation

The activation of the VoIP telephone numbers of some countries require the collection of personal information, such as passport and proof of address for the country for which the telephone number is requested.
Contact us to find out if you can activate a telephone number without submitting documentation.

why a voip number

Having a number with VoIP technology means that with the presence of an internet connection and little more you have your number ready to receive and make calls.
Furthermore, with our VoIP numbers you will have automatic backup to mobile in the event of a malfunction of your internet connectivity.

International voip number

In the age of global business it is of paramount importance to "be everywhere". This is why it is essential for your company to activate a telephone number (geographical or toll-free) of the country with which you conduct your business. We activate VoIP telephone numbers all over the world, because your company deserves to be present everywhere.

toll-free number

In addition to activating geographic telephone numbers for each country and nation, we also activate 800 TOLL-FREE telephone numbers (toll-free numbers)

If your company needs an "advanced" and "globally recognized" customer service, the activation of an 800 number is certainly the right and most professional solution.



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