Videosorveglianza IP


IP video door entry systems

The VoIP video door entry system offers unique performances in the world!
Thanks to the IP protocol applied to video door entry systems, many limitations of traditional video door entry systems are overcome.
First of all, the scalability and versatility of the video door entry system that responds with the utmost simplicity to the needs of any building. Distances are unlimited from individual homes to large industrial complexes and the topology of the system is free from constraints, allowing the installation of components at any point in the building, an important limit broken compared to traditional technology characterized by installation constraints.



Even the condominium administrator or the company that manages more residential complexes benefits from remote management, the IP technology makes it possible to enable and disable the use of the app when the tenant of an apartment changes and it is also possible to add automatically the correct names on the digital directories of the entrance panels in a simple, quick and intuitive way.
Extensibility and simplicity of installation of the system, although already very important, are not the only advantages, the advanced functions available for the video door entry systems are in fact innumerable and guaranteed by intelligent and advanced technology.
Another important function is linked to audio / video communications between the external and internal units. First of all, thanks to IP technology, the calls now become multiple and simultaneous for a communication that is always efficient and performing. Furthermore, it is now possible to receive the call directly on smartphones, tablets, intercom PCs, SIP telephony and switchboards. Nothing is lost!